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I Shoulda Been a Cowboy

Words and Music by Tom Walker

Watched the neon flashing far below me

Flying out over the county line

Streets and houses stretch as far as the mountains

Like it's part of a grand design

Past the town where people stayed

By the lake that they had made

When they stopped the river deep and wide


Set down on a ranch in the desert,

On the trail where those pioneers came,

Cowboy tells me it’s the rainy season,

But it sure don’t look like rain

As the sunset came, I rode a horse with no name

Looking up at spirit mountain



I guess I should have been a cowboy,

I could have played those cowboy songs

Everyone could come and see me,

Maybe they’d sing along

 I guess I should have been a cowboy,

I could have loved some bar and grill,

Charged 250 bucks to see me,

Maybe some day I will, maybe some day I will,


As the sun dropped below the mountain

I Looked up and saw the milky way

It was the First time I’d ever seen it

Not my only first today

As the cowboy lit a fire,

He gave me his spare guitar

Man you shoulda heard us play




Cowboy told me not hide my talent,

Maybe I need a hat and boots like his,

Start singing songs about the old country

And get me a life like this



Being the Best I Can Be

Words and Music by Tom Walker

I've driven all night the sunlight's hurting my eyes

but it's the hurting inside drove me here,

I couldn't leave you like that in tears on the phone now I'm back will you lend me your ear?

It blew up out of a little nothing

I came back, I had to do something


Do I look like a man trying to hurt you?

Do I look like a fool who's done wrong?

Do I look like I mean that I'm sorry?

Do I look like I'm just playing along?

As I stand here, I hope you can see

This is me being the best I can be


As you open the door with tears in your eyes

Wearing my shirt you asked me to leave

How do you make that old thing look so right

That same way you get the best out of me?


Let's rewind before this started

I won't ever take you for granted




I'm Pedal to the metal,

Pushing my limit

Well this is all I got,

I hope you wanna take it not leave it



Funky Country Boy

Words and Music by Tom Walker

That little red second hand is slowing down

And them bigger hands ain't even going around

Worked here so long I got a window seat

Got Georgia pines and mountains far as I can see


If I could trade this office chair and computer

For bull hide saddle and an Appaloosa

Set my out of office permanently

And the City limit sign way behind me

I don't suit this 9 to 5

I don't suit this suit and tie

Grab my hat and my guitar

Play some Waylon in half time


This is where the weekend starts

I take the mic and play my part

Cos I'm a funky country boy

funky country boy at heart


I'm a weekend cowboy, don't get me wrong

But I got the clothes and I know all the songs

My boots are still tight but they're looking fine

Hand-made in snakeskin, top of the line


I know I can play this guitar

Chicken pickin all night over 4 on the floor

On Monday morning with my best suit on

I can still hear everybody singing along


Where You Are At

Words and Music by Tom Walker

Spinning the ice around your glass wearing someone else's beat up jacket,

Too pretty to be drinking alone.

Played truth or dare until dawn but you were giving away nothing, 

Your accent put you far from home,

Morning sunlight caught the dust, put on your shades let your eyes adjust,

Said you had work you kinda lied, I hid your keys so you couldn't drive

I'm crazy 'bout your crazy, that's my downfall

Only thing that's certain you're unpredictable,

Ain't nobody else like you, I like it like that

I wouldn't change you, I'd want you back

I love that I don't know where you are at

As the nights were getting long I prayed every day you wouldn't leave me,

Wish you'd tell me you had nowhere to go

Something's anchoring you here, pulling tight stopping you drifting, 

In so deep maybe I'll never know

You're like the eye of a hurricane, you take me dancing in the rain

You laugh out loud a little too long,

Not scared to dream or to be wrong


So you chose to stick around

My beat-up one-stoplight town

Wearing everything you own

Like you're still travelling alone


Words and Music by Tom Walker

The last sign to Utica said 50 miles to go,

The journey's always longer when you're on roads that you don't know

Hitched a ride with a cowboy selling snake oil from his trunk

Got out before we got there when I realised he was drunk


But he told me the story of how he'd chased a girl

Took a year of his life and him half way around the world

To make me feel better he said he had no regrets

But he didn't look like any happy man I've met


Are you running to curb your wanderlust?

Is this about you or is it about us?

I need you to tell me about all the things you've seen

I just want to see you again Roisin


I left Albuquerque about a week ago

They said you'd split town and that you'd joined a travelling show

They recognised your photo but they didn't know your name

Said all the pretty girls that pass through end up looking the same


The night we spent together in Sandusky, Ohio

Taught me things about myself that I didn't know

Early next morning you said you had to go away

Ain't heard nothing from you since that cold december day




Found you in Utica half an hour ago

You saw me from the stage when I came to see the show

Tried to get back to see you but they wouldn't let me in

Said there's nobody who works goes by the name Roisin


Maybe you're not running, it's not wanderlust

Who really are you? so there never was an us

I'm going home now, what a fool I've been,

Guess I won't see you again "Roisin"

Guess I won't see you again "Roisin"

Guess I won't see you again "Roisin"

Long Game

Words and Music by Tom Walker

"Son, I had a car like that, I know how it makes you feel"

Daddy flipped the hood, he rubbed his chin checked the engine, kicked the wheels.

He said "You'll feel a million dollars when people watch you driving past

You'll never have a million dollars it'll leave you broke real fast"


"Before I met your mother I had a string of fancy cars

A Toranado, Eldorado and a Crystal Blue Continental Mark

Well a luxury coupe won't be no use, when I'm old and grey

So I picked something up I'd like to drive until my dying day."




It'll make you late it'll let you down

Bust your arse, give you the runaround

Make you keep on breaking down

Start thinking 'bout the long game

You can't leave it anywhere,

When you get back it might not be there

Drive you to drink and to despair

Start thinking about the long game


We walked off the used car lot to my jalopy parked out back

There's my beautiful fiancée in the shotgun looking mad

Now she don't look so pretty when she is pissed with me

I'm thinking there's some things just like that car maybe ain't meant to be




All the way home she won't talk to me,

Now I can see what my old man means,

Catching his eye in the rear-view

I bet he's never had a car in Crystal blue



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